my priorities

Emphasize and expand independent living skill and career development opportunities to help our students successfully transition to adulthood.

The unfortunate reality is that many of our children simply are not prepared to function independently until well after high school graduation. An uphill battle awaits Alaska's young adults, with brain development continuing into their twenties. Additional challenges our graduates face include the significant reduction in community and mental health services available to those who require them, plus Alaska’s high cost of living. In addition, the University of Alaska System has seen budget cuts, tuition hikes, and the removal of multiple programs which provided viable career paths for youth to gain financial independence. I will prioritize preparing our graduates for young-adulthood, and the myriad of demands which accompany it.

Collaborate with local, state and federal stakeholders to ensure the Anchorage School District has the resources necessary to succeed, and appropriately value the hardworking Alaskans who help shape our children's future.

Advocacy for the funding required to provide quality services to our children is a key responsibility of the Board. Once elected, I'll work to educate lawmakers as to the importance of regular increases to the Base Student Allocation (BSA) and the benefits of continued reimbursement related to school bond debt. Additionally, recruiting and retaining the best possible administrators, teachers and staff needs to be a focus of our District. Our kids spend invaluable time in their educational settings prior to graduation. We need to facilitate as many transformational opportunities in and outside of the classroom as possible.

Ensure all children receive a quality education, a process which must include the acknowledgment of racial disparity and socioeconomic factors which may inhibit student success.

Work must be done to facilitate academic equity and minimize the gaps in both student achievement and graduation rate caused by disability and economic distress. Additionally, data indicates children of color were disproportionately affected by the switch to a distance learning curriculum caused by COVID-19. These trends deserve additional research and an ongoing, solutions-based dialogue. I will work tirelessly to engage ASD staff, parents and community partners to address these challenges head-on. We simply must do better for all of our children regardless of their racial or economic background.

I ask for your support, and your vote on April 6, 2021.

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